Experience of use Exodermin

Recently, I decided to move to a villa with a small forest next to it. I used to be a professional jogger, but due to my age, I had to leave. Sometimes I decide to run nearby to improve my health, but there are many puddles in the forest after the rain, and I often fall into the puddles and get my feet wet.

Recently I noticed that the skin on my legs started to peel off, there was an unpleasant smell, and the nails themselves had turned yellow. I realized that I have a fungus because I have encountered it before. I bought an old medicine, but to my surprise, it didn't work. I decided to wait and stop walking in the woods. After a period of time, the situation gets worse, the skin becomes dry, and it really breaks easily when walking, which adds to the unpleasant feeling.

My knowledge of Exodermin

Withdraw the use of Exodermin

I decided to go online to find an effective medicine, and an advertisement for Exodermin appeared immediately. I read the reviews and comments, and the promised result suits me. I decided to order the medicine on the website and the delivery was fast. I read the instructions and figured out how to use the drug, I decided to use it twice a day, combined with foot hygiene treatment.

After 3 weeks, I can boast about the experience. Even for the first one, I noticed a reduction in itching and discomfort. After a week, the skin condition improved and the nails started to look healthier. Now my legs are in good condition, I will pay attention to their hygiene, and I will try not to go for a walk on rainy days. My question is a lesson that Exodermin helped me deal with. I recommend it to everyone!